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If you work in the CBD, living in Sydney is about as convenient as it gets.

Bordered by harbour, beautiful parks and dotted with restaurants, galleries and more, Sydney is a great place to live.

People who live in Sydney are predominantly professionals and office workers who walk to work. The city is a cultural hot-pot – everyone here is from somewhere else – adding to the city’s vital, cosmopolitan vibe.

The Sydney Harbour, Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Botanic Gardens, galleries, festivals and more – Sydney really is a gorgeous city. That said, it can be a sleepy city too. Some parts of the city are all but deserted of a weekend. Martin Place on a Sunday lunchtime is something entirely different to a Wednesday lunchtime, and many of the cafes and restaurants aren’t open weekends.

Circular Quay restaurants and cafes are open all hours, but you’ll have to wade through the tourists to get to them. If you love nightlife, there are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs in Sydney and neighbouring suburbs. There are also several galleries and live music venues.

Whether you’re after a penthouse, simple apartment or studio, there’s something for you in Sydney – but chances are, you’ll be taking a lift to get there.

Apartments tend to be within glittering sky-scrapers, or within hotels. Living in Sydney city isn’t as common as in some other cities, so people often look for homes in surrounding suburbs rather than in the city itself.

As a city, Sydney’s a thing of beauty – but as a place to live, it’s just hitting its strides. If you’re keen to be close to work, or love nightlife, this is the place for you. If you want to drive anywhere in a hurry or hunger for a village atmosphere – perhaps try a neighbouring suburb.

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